In the frame of Reincarnation project that has already become annual, Vusala Agharaziyeva’s “The Creator” project touched historical heritage of the country, namely, Gasimbey Bath building which is the monument of XVII century located in Icheri Sheher.  The main purpose of the project is to give new life to this historical monument with the perspective of turning it into the cultural development center which may significantly contribute to the future of the country's historical heritage. 


Vusala Agaraziyeva NaibCeramicist and Artist

"Life is a tree that needs everyday care with love"

Born in Baku on July 12, 1990. Graduated from Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts, decorative-applied art faculty in 2012. Has a master degree in ceramics. Member of the Union of Young Artists since 2013. Her works of art, ceramics, installations and conceptual pieces are exhibited in numerous expositions in Baku and abroad. She has been working in her Icheri Sheher Art Studio for 5 years. 

Nigar Rzayeva AbdulkarimPolitical Scientist and Writer

"What efforts, experience and knowledge can't do for years, love creates in a moment".

Nigar was born in Baku on April 1, 1976. She is graduate of High Diplomatic College. She has master degree in political science and graduated from Public Administration Academy at the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2001. Her current place of employment since 2013 is head of mass sports and entertainment events organization department at Baku Crystal Hall. Her first book entitled "the Wind of Soul" was published in 2017. 

Leli Alakbarova KamalArchitect and Photographer

"Portrait photography’s aim is to exhibit real feelings and emotions of depicted people".  

Leyli was born in Baku on May 11, 1980. Graduated from Azerbaijan University of Engineering and Construction Faculty of Architecture in 2002. Leyli started her photography journey in 2013. Her personal photo exhibition called "Metro" was held in 2014. In the frame of "Word" literary project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2016 she presented the series of women portraits. Currently, Leyli works on the series of portraits for her author's project called "Teenager". She is one of organizers of photo contest Baku Photo-2017. 

Elchin Kuliyev NatiqPhotographer and Videographer

"To be happy it is enough to have a cup of coffee, "Vespa" and Italian signorina with tiny waist".

He was born in Baku on March 27, 1987. Studied at Azerbaijan University of Culture and Arts, Theater Direction faculty in 2007-2009. In 2009-2011 worked as assistant director at Azerbaijan State Television (AzTV). Member of the Union of Photographers of Azerbaijan since 2011. In 2011-2015 he worked as assistant to the director in TV projects and films. Author and co-author of social and cultural projects in 2014-2017.  

Anar Yusifov RufatPianist, Composer and Producer 

“Every moment in life is a new experience”

He was born in Baku on July 21, 1987. Graduated from jazz faculty of Baku Music Academy in 2008 and IT faculty of the Russian Modern Academy of Humanities in 2010. He was a soloist of Gaya state ensemble in 1994-2007. Since 2003 he leads the Orient Express jazz and rock band. In 2009-2014 he produced 4 music albums in the Czech Republic and Britain. He composed music for a variety of theatrical performances and computer games. He is the author of pre-show music composition performed at the opening ceremony of the European Games in 2015. He was arranger in Ses (Voice) Azerbaijan project in 2015-2016. He also composed music for the opening ceremonies of the Islamic Solidarity Games in 2016 and Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2017.