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Selfie with Crystal Hall

Selfie with Crystal Hall

 Photo contest “Selfie with Crystal Hall” hosted finals on 29 January.

Three winners were sellected by toss-up:

1.       Vladimir Qolovanov

2.       Said Manafov

3.       Tamilla Kamaleddinova


Also 4th prise was given to Farah Aliyeva  selected by CRYSTAL HALL.

As we annoused contest was held from 29 December 2015 to 29 January this year on facebook page. On the first phase which  ended on 27th January 10 participants who collected the highest number of likes passed to final. Final was helded in one of the halls of CRYSTAL HALL.

According to the head of sport and events organization department Nigar Rzayeva this competition can be seen as a small step for: “The fact is that the Crystal Hall is known as one of the largest sports and concert complex and very few people know that it is also a professional creative and technical team creates and implements interesting and significant social and cultural projects. Our still young site, page and İnstagram baku_crystalhall are the link with our target audience. Due to the contest our facebook page has about 22000 followers and instagram page-310000 and more than 45000 visitors on the site. For us it is very important to expand our audience completely different age categories and each of the subscribers is valuable to us. In the near future we plan to launch new, more serious projects aimed at social, cultural and spiritual development and unifies people whose interests we will try to cover. Therefore, this competition was important to us. It was a kind of bridge. We wanted to know us, trust us, and we just tried to make a bit of positive and good mood. As part of our future projects, we also provide for various competitions, however, the more creative and socially oriented. We have very talented people with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Remember, love and continue to enrich their history and culture guarantee of prosperity of any nation. Therefore, we would like to make a small contribution in this direction”