Baku 2015 Venues

Baku Sports Hall  (BSH)

Baku Sports Hall (BSH)

Baku Sports Hall is a City Cluster Venue and it is located on the Baku Seaside Boulevard.

Venue Facts

  • Baku Sports Hall is a refurbished facility to host the Baku 2015 European Games and a legacy for Baku and Azerbaijan afterwards.
  • The venue has been used for Volleyball Championships in the past
  • At games time BSH will be used for Badminton and Table Tennis with a Venue capacity of 918
  • 128 athletes for Table Tennis and 160 athletes for Badminton will compete at the venue
  • The venue will be used for Table Tennis from 13-19 June and for Badminton on 22-28 June

The Competitions to be held

  • Table tennis – 13-19 June
  • Badminton – 22-28 June