Baku 2015 – Volleyball

Baku 2015 – Volleyball

As part of the first European Games volleyball competition continues.

June 25 Azerbaijani team met with Turkey team in the semifinals

In the first set meeting Turkish women won - 25:21. Having gained the victory in the second set with a score of 25:23, our team in the third set gave way to the Turkish volleyball players - 25:19. In the fourth set, our volleyball team once again took up with the score 25:23, but were defeated in taymbreke - 11:15. Thus, the national team of Azerbaijan in the European games will continue to fight for the third place.

Recall that after winning the first meeting of the Romanian national team with the score 3: 0, our girls have taken up and over the Italian team - 3: 1. Then, our volleyball team defeated Belgium with a score of 3: 2, and in the quarter were stronger than the Dutch national team - 3: 0.