Closing ceremony of the First European Games

Closing ceremony of the First European Games

On June 28 at the Olympic stadium there passed the closing ceremony of the First European Games. The president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the chairman of the Organizing committee of the European games of Baku – 2015 Mekhriban Aliyeva, the president of the European Olympic committee Patrick Hikki and other officials took part аt the ceremony

That evening the games, which began on June 12, ended. Within games, competitions in 20 sports were held: 16 – Olympic, four – not Olympic a look. 6000 athletes took part in games.

Start of the closing ceremony was given from a countdown from 10 and performance of the national anthem. The Azerbaijani patterns were displayed on figures of a countdown.

This historical moment organized by world leading delegations in art and technical branches became for Azerbaijan and Europe inspiring and memorable.

Association of traditional and modern culture of Azerbaijan was presented to spectator attention. The transformational part of action began with three huge monuments. At the end of this scene from walls of the Maiden Tower, there were three towers of the Flame. Thereby the audience became witnesses of formation of last period in future.

Then on stadium athletes entered. Having bypassed around the central scene, they passed on the places, which are taken away for them on tribunes.

We will note that the artistic director of show was James Hedl who was the art director "Circus du Solia" in North America tour.

More than 1600 volunteers, which majority Azerbaijanis took part in the closing ceremony. At the same time volunteers from 17 countries were involved in this work. 300 people from 28 countries and 1000 experts in different areas from 34 countries were attracted to the organization of action.