Philipp Kirkorov-show "Я"

Philipp Kirkorov-show "Я"

On december 10, 2016 in Baku Crystal Hall was held long-expected concert. King of Russian show business Philip Kirkorov gave amazing show  “Я” . The concert, which was attended by more than 17 thousand people will be remembered as one of the greatest concerts organized in Baku Crystal Hall. A few hours  before the concert actor saw around the scene and expressed his admiration: “«It is very nice, everything is perfect. I really liked it". Then he was preparing to concert behind the scenes in the dressing room, which in previous years have been prepared in such world stars like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Shakira and others.

3-hour concert started with a greeting actor in the Azerbaijani language and expressed his feelings in our language. The most interesting surprise was the performance of the honored artist of Azerbaijan Eyyub Yagubov song «Kim bilir?»

The transformation scenes, costumes, prepared specially for each musical performance, delighted the audience.

After the concert Philip Kirkorov wrote his gratitude to the "Guest Book» Baku Crystal Hall: "Thanks to the incredible reception and a full house"