Baku City Cirсuit concert with Jamiroquai

Baku City Cirсuit concert with Jamiroquai

The pioneers of future funk, Jamiroquai, will headline the opening night of the 2018 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, setting the scene for a weekend of unrivalled action and entertainment. In a change from previous race weekends, this year’s concerts will be staged at Baku’s famous Crystal Hall.

Formed in 1992 and led by jazz-infused soulman, Jay Kay, Jamiroquai have grown from humble beginnings out of the London-based funk/acid jazz movement in the 1990’s to become one of the world’s most successful groups with over 27 million album sales, Grammy Awards, Ivor Novello gongs, MTV Moonmen, thirteen Brit nominations, five sold-out world tours and more than 25 years of existence.

Since the release of their first album –Emergency on Planet Earth – the band has been on a path of continued growth and success, releasing subsequent million-selling albums. With famous fans including the likes of Chance the Rapper, Pharrell, Tyler the Creator, Jungle, Redman & The Internet as well as historic performances alongside Stevie Wonder & Diana Ross, Jamiroquai have consistently proved themselves as one of the globe’s most revered and unifying musical innovators of our time.

All Formula 1 fans in the region are in line for a special night of high energy and funky sounds to kick off their Grand Prix weekend as Jamiroquai get set to deliver an unforgettable show at the fastest street race in the world, on the stage Crystal Hall

Also the famous DJ Afrojack will give an unforgettable evening to the fans, which will be held on April 27 with the participation of Jamiroquai in the framework of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. He is also known for composer Afrojack with a Grammy award. He is a professional who can easily create links between different musical genres, such as electronic, hip-hop and pop. Afrojack was recognized not only for his own tracks, but also for his songs, composed for famous performers. The compositions he wrote include Beyonce's Run the World (Girls), Revolver with David Guetta of Madonna and Give Me Everything by Ne-Yo and Pitbull.

This year, together with David Guetta and Sia, Afrojack released a remix of the track "Bad Company", "Helium" and the song U2 "Get out your your way", "Dirtcaps". He works closely with his close friend David Guetta. They will perform in Ibiza later this year. In addition, two friends released a song called "Another Life" with Esther Dean last year and "Dirty Sex Money" along with Charlie XCX and French Montanna. The "One Love Club" remix of the Afrojack song "Revolver" Madonna and David Guetta was awarded the Grammy Award for the best remix of the year in the category of non-classical genre.