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Eco Exhibition

Eco Exhibition

On October 22, the Ministry of Youth and Sport organized the 2nd Youth Exhibition on Environmental Issues and Their Solution through the eyes of students in the Crystal Hall of Baku. The event was also attended by influential people. Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of the IDEA Public Union Leyla Aliyeva, as well as Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov, other officials, deputies, ambassadors of foreign countries in Azerbaijan familiarized themselves with the works presented at the exhibition.

Interest in the world, which is formed at a young age, is often a serious scientific work. The ideas of young researchers help to find a new solution to environmental problems. Such work is very important, which means that it will continue. The purpose of the exhibition is to increase the interest of young people in the field of ecology, to train them in this area and at the same time to support their creative potential.

The exhibition presented paintings of about 200 young people aged 14 to 29 who painted on environmental issues on a bench, quintizing, calligraphy, ceramics, painting, marble processing, graphics, engraving, landscape design, batik, stained glass and intaglio printing styles . In addition, various young people's work on environmental issues were presented.

At this event, workshops were held, sports competitions were organized to promote eco-scenes, quizzes, healthy lifestyles with the participation of young people, animals and rare trees listed in the Red Book of Azerbaijan.

At the end of the exhibition winners were rewarded.