“TEKNOFEST” Aerospace and Technology Festival

“TEKNOFEST” Aerospace and Technology Festival

On May 26, the TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan festival started in Baku.

“TEKNOFEST” Aerospace and Technology Festival has been held annually since 2018, organized by the Turkish Technology Team - T3 Foundation, led by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey and Selcuk Bayraktar. The first "TEKNOFEST" outside of Turkey was organized in Azerbaijan, in the Baku Crystal Hall and on the adjacent Seaside Boulevard.

The opening of the festival began with a video showing the preparations for this grand event.

The Minister of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan Rashad Nabiyev, Chairman of the Board of TEKNOFEST and the Board of Trustees of the T3 Foundation Seljuk Bayraktar and Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey Mustafa Varank spoke at the opening ceremony.

The TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan festival has started with the recalculation of Selcuk Bayraktar. The participants of the event were invited to the VIP tour. During the tour, the guests got acquainted with the exhibitions, and the host gave them general information about "TEKNOFEST".

In competitions held within the framework of “TEKNOFEST”, young people had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics, satellite modeling and other areas. In total, 1,000 teams and 5,000 people applied for participation in the festival. Young people from 52 regions of Azerbaijan and 40 regions of Turkey have registered to participate in the festival.

The festival gave an opportunity to young people who love science and technology to test themselves, realize their ideas and gain experience. At the same time, team spirit will be instilled in young people working together. It will teach you how to compete and persevere in a healthy environment.


One of the most memorable events of the festival was an air show with the participation of Azerbaijani and Turkish pilots within the framework of the Azerbaijan Aerospace and Technical Technology Festival “TEKNOFEST”.

In total, more than 200,000 people (about 500 foreigners from 33 countries) visited the festival during four days.

The event was attended by startups with a potential entry into global markets, local and foreign mentors, foreign investors and venture funds.

287 startups from 32 countries applied for participation in the event (of which 101 are Azerbaijan startups). Of these, 15 foreign countries (USA, Argentina, Estonia, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey), 35 local and 50 startups reached the final.

As part of the festival, the SMART KARABAKH hackathon is held. The goal of the hackathon is to create a “smart” city, village, economy, transport, etc. in the liberated territories. is to create solutions. 188 applications were submitted for participation (151 from Azerbaijan, 57 from Turkey). In total, 85 participants reached the final, including 21 teams from Azerbaijan and 10 teams from Turkey.

The international startup summit "Take Off Baku" took part in the framework of TEKNOFEST. It is attended by 50 startups from 8 countries, including Azerbaijan.

The Rocket League European Championship was held as part of the Aerospace and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan.
A total of 30 participants competed in the Rocket League, representing 10 teams from Azerbaijan, Hungary, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Wales.
A total of 21 representatives of national federations, including the European Esports Federation, were on an official visit to Baku to observe the competition.
The championship was organized by the European and Azerbaijan Cybersport Federations.